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Petrified wood side table oval shape

Petrified Wood Side Table Oval Shape


petrified wood side table oval shape, Directly from the sourch, CV. Karya Bersama offer Indonesian Petrified Wood. Simple stunning hand-cut and polished, Each piece is unique and will vary in size, shape, and color including black and natural combinations. our petrified wood side table oval shapewill lend rustic beauty to your home.  still bearing the cracks, knot, holes, and other natural occurrences should be expected.


Small size approximately: Diameter Ø 8" -  12" x 16” - 18"
Medium size approximately: Diameter Ø12" -  16" x 17” - 20"
Large size approximately: Diameter Ø16" -  17" x 17” - 20"

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Petrified wood side table oval shape

Petrified wood side table oval shape

Petrified wood side table oval shape

Petrified wood side table oval shape

Petrified wood side table oval shape

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Petrified wood side table oval shape is a product variant that we have the production, the product has been made with an oval shape, on all sides have been polished so it looks brilliant, can serve as a side table and will provide a luxurious feel, in general, every product petrified wood has a unique color and vary the color of our product, namely white, black, and a mix of black and white, the average weight of these products is 90-130 Kg

size of the product petrified wood side table oval shape which ranges

L: 40 | W: 40 | H: 45

the price of each product is varied depending on the uniqueness of color, size and weight, we sell these products at wholesale prices and can receive the amount of the order you want,

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