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petrified wood slab from indonesia

petrified wood slab table

petrified wood slab. Directly from the sourch, CV. Karya Bersama offer Indonesian Petrified Wood wholesale company, Simple stunning hand-cut and polished, Each piece is unique and will vary in size, shape, and color including black and natural combinations. our petrified wood table // petrified wood slab will lend rustic beauty to your home. still bearing […]

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petrified wood stool top polish

Petrified Wood Side Table Top Polishpetrified wood stool top polish , This is the kind of product that we produce, are made in a tube shape and polished in top of the products, colors that exist in this product is white, black and mixed black and white, petrified wood stool top polish weighs is 80-130 kg, the average size […]