CV. Karya Bersama

Indonesia Petrified wood

Wholesaler and Retail Company

Mobile +62 8569 5564 699

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welcome to CV. KARYA BERSAMA  petrified wood Indonesia “ Petrified Wood and Garden Stones ” petrified wholesaler and petrified wood manufacturer

A Local Private Company, located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Established since 1983.
Long time experience in stones management learn to respect Stones as parts of human’s life and the heritage of the earth.
Which has been engaging in exploration, production, trading and installation of Petrified Wood / wood fossil from all over Indonesia.

The Innovation in this field is how to enrich creativity to explore the art works of stones, so anyone can enjoy it’s beauty.
our petrified wood will lend rustic beauty to your home,  Some are we've polished but some item we left the sides in their natural state, still bearing the cracks, holes, nicks and knots that celebrate each one-of-a-kind character. These things to say, how unique and rare they are.


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